What is the actual benefit of the solutions offered by Medsoto?
The main focus lies in the improvement of the “CE”s – that is, the Compliance and Efficiency. In this undertaking there is even more impact and application on the efficiency and legal certainty of your processes, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and innovation.

What are the costs of the software and implementation of it?
The total costs are between €5,000 and €50,000. It depends on the extent of the software tools and the effort we advise in-house.

How long does it take to adjust the system?
There are a number of different phases to move through at first. Typically, the systems is ready to use after just a short period of time. It usually only takes a couple of months to get a routine, skilled handle on the toolsets. If it seems that it might take longer in individual cases or if difficulties arise, we will be happy to advise for the duration of the system conversion.

What will happen to my existing tools?
Regularly we don´t  implement our solutions “on the open countryside.” For this reason we’ve decided to use Polarion ALM as the basis since this tool provides many interfaces which will interact with existing tools so that it might more easily be adapted to your situation. The topic of interfaces is one of the most essential points of our initial analysis.