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Medsoto GmbH is present at many events in the industry. Whether as an exhibitor, speaker or conference leader, we are involved in highly interesting events in the medical device environment.
Take the chance and visit us there! You can arrange an appointment with us via our contact form.

11 February 2020: Medical Technology Day in Munich

Visit us on 11 February at the Medical Technology Day 2020 in Munich!

Medical Technology Day 2020 is all about digital consistency in medical technology. Take advantage of the day with a lively mixture of best practice, exciting dialogue and insight into the digitization strategies of other medical technology companies. Using an insulin pump as an example product, we will show what an integrated process can look like in practice. The event will take place at the Siemens Digital Enterprise Experience Center in Munich. Further information including the agenda and registration can be found here.

10 and 11 March: medical.device.forum in Munich

Would you like to know how to efficiently implement new MDR regulatory ordinances and develop them in compliance with the law? You are wondering how you can reduce the documentation effort in Word and Excel when developing your products? Visit our booth at the medical.device.forum of TÜV SÜD and let’s talk about possible answers to your challenges.

At the medical.device.forum, representatives of authorities, TÜV SÜD experts and medical device manufacturers will present the most important regulatory areas and show what consequences the changes will have for approvals, processes, products and monitoring.

The conference will take place on 10 and 11 March in Munich and is aimed at medical device manufacturers, distributors and operators of medical devices, representatives of authorities, etc. Further information and registration is available on the TÜV SÜD website.

13 May 2020: VDE Medical Software Event in Frankfurt

We will be exhibiting at the VDE Medical Software Event again this year and look forward to welcoming you at our booth. At the event, you will receive first-hand information from experts about the approval of AI applications in medicine, cybersecurity as an integral part of risk management, clinical evaluation of a medical app using a practical example, reimbursement of medical apps in Germany, technical documentation for medical software and MDR-compliant software development from practice. Further information can be found on the VDE website.

Previous Events

3-4 Dezember 2019: 2nd Forum Risk Management Medical Devices

Medsoto Managing Director Sven Wittorf will be a speaker at the 2nd Forum Risk Management Medical Devices. On the second day of the event he will talk about “The first cut is the deepest – How interfaces of risk management can become interfaces”. In terms of content, he will thus address the “big issues” in the development of medical devices, the connection with risk management and the thematic interfaces between these issues.

The Medical Devices Risk Management Forum is aimed at FMEA experts, interested developers and manufacturers of medical devices and will take place from 3 to 4 December 2019 in the Novotel Hotel Nuremberg. The event is organized by DIETZ Consultants, a global provider of consulting and services for best practice solutions in the fields of quality and risk management. Further information on the event can be found on the DIETZ Consultants website.

22-24 October: MedConf in Munich

Medsoto will be present at MedConf 2019. Sven Wittorf will give a lecture on tool-based requirements management on the first day of the conference (October 23rd) at 10:50 a.m. and will answer questions such as how to successfully organize such a project and what Dos and Dont’s there are. Further information on the presentation can be found here.

Would you like to delve deeper into the use of software tools in the development and documentation of medical software? Do you have individual questions about your projects that you have always wanted to ask? Then register for Sven Wittorf’s intensive coaching. On 23 October from 2:40 p.m. it will be almost two hours to discuss best practice and pitfalls during the introduction and use of software tools in medical technology. Find out more here.

Of course, we will also be there for you at our trade fair stand at any time. Ask us questions, get to know our company and our solutions. We look forward to meeting you! Further information can be found on the MedConf website.

11 September 2019: VDE workshop in Frankfurt a.M. on "Software life cycle for medical devices - how to implement IEC 62304 and 82304-1"

The new EU Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR) requires manufacturers to develop and manufacture software according to the “principles of the software life cycle”. The relevant standard for this is IEC 62304, which is currently being updated. The IEC 82304-1 standard completes the applicability by, among other things, extending its focus to the life cycle of health software and stand-alone software (medical apps).

Medsoto Managing Director Sven Wittorf will speak at the VDE event about the “Implementation of life cycle processes in development – from theory to implementation”. The following questions are among others on the agenda:

  • How can I work with the standard in a structured way?
  • Which requirements are particularly difficult to implement?
  • Requirements, traceability, test planning, proof of conformity – how does that work?
  • How and where can tools support me?

In order to provide sufficient opportunities for discussion and direct contact with our experts, the number of participants is limited to 40. You can find further information on the event and the registration form on the VDE website.

15 May 2019: VDE Medical Software Event in Frankfurt

On the 15th of May the VDE organizes an event in Frankfurt on the subject of Medical Software. Medsoto will be there with an exhibitor stand.
This year’s event is bilingual (German and English). The speakers will be dealing with topics such as risk management, quality management, post-market clinical follow-up (PMCF) and technical documentation. Of course, we are also at your disposal for questions and discussions at any time. Visit us at our booth – we look forward to meeting you!

Those who register and book their ticket on the VDE medical platform by 15 April will receive free admission. Further information can be found on the event page.

19-20 March 2019: TÜV SÜD medical.device.forum in Munich

Medsoto will be represented with a booth at the 12th medical.device.forum of TÜV SÜD. The symposium will deal with the adoption of the European Medical Devices Regulation. What changes will all market participants face regarding approval, processes, products and monitoring of medical devices? Government representatives, experts from TÜV SÜD and medical device manufacturers will present the most important regulatory areas and show possible concepts for efficiently implementing the new regulatory requirements. During the breaks, we look forward to a visit to our stand and an exciting exchange of ideas.

Further information, including the programme, can be found on TÜV SÜD’s website.

21 February 2019: Webinar - Polarion Consulation Hour

We are starting the new webinar year with a new format: The “Polarion Consultation Hour”. You specify the topics for this webinar: Ask us everything you always wanted to know about Polarion.

How does it work?

We will ask for your impulses when you register for our webinar. We sort your questions and crystallize the main topics. We will send you an agenda with the main topics a few days before the webinar so that you can get an idea of them.

The following questions serve as an example – of course you can use one or more of them as “your” question:

– can Polarion be used as a document management system?
– what are the “performance killers” in Polarion?
– what are proven, audit-proof workflows for documents and work items?
– Polarion and JIRA – what for?
– can I map my process instructions in Polarion?
– why do I use Permissions and Access Management?
– I want to introduce Polarion – How do I find out how many and which license types I need?
– what does my auditor say about direct access via SVN?
– what validation effort is required for Polarion?
– what does the performance of Polarion look like with large amounts of data/many users?
– why not do without Polarion Maintenance?
– what is your experience with Polarion SaaS / Cloud?
– is Polarion Part 11 compliant as advertised?
– what is the difference between the different Polarion licenses?
– what does the planned upgrade to Open JDK 11 mean for my Polarion installation?
– many of our reports run as Classic Wiki Page, which is now called “Depricate” / “not recommended”. What do I have to expect in the future?
– Polarion partly relies on outdated technologies such as older PostgreSQL versions. How can we guarantee our IT security?
– when do I have to validate Polarion and when can I talk my way out?
– which parts of the technical documentation of my medical device can I use Polarion for, which parts should I handle separately?
– our supplier / customer also works with Polarion. How can we link (and evaluate) the data of the two Polarion servers without disclosing trade secrets?

To register for the webinar and enter your questions, please click here. Please note: Registration is only possible up to and including 13 February.

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