Our Mission

  • We want to help companies in the medical field to develop their hard- and software with the greatest possible efficiency and compliance to the required regulations.
  • We are a full-service provider. Our solutions consist of specialized software tools and targeted counseling advice.
  • The system should service the company – not the other way around. Even when we advise companies how they might better and more efficiently adapt to the needs of the processes, we always keep the needs of the company at the forefront. The software must be able to adapt to the requirements.
  • Preparing companies for audits and other events saves stress, time, unnecessary complications and – last but not least – money. Together we will elaborate what is actually relevant and needed in each situation.
  • We help managers to keep a necessary overview of the process, especially in areas that typically remain hidden.
  • We help development teams to access the right information at the right time in order to implement oncoming work processes effectively and error-free.
  • We want to help companies secure themselves against financial risks, particularly in areas in which careful documentation may be relevant a few years down the line. This is applicable, for example, to manufacturers of Class I medical products which may be placed on the market today without proper supervision, and may still be penalized under the critical eye of the public prosecutor if some relevant injury should occur.